Automating the visualization of state-of-the-art MRI analyses at Linköping University


The cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) group at CMIV is developing novel imaging and image analysis methods for the analysis of hemodynamics in the cardiovascular system. This includes various ways to assess the impact of blood flow on the vessel wall and its relationship to vascular diseases such as stenosis and aneurysm. To make these analyses more clinically impactful, it would be valuable to compare each new patient against previously studied patients. This would enable identification of regions in the cardiovascular system that are “abnormal” when compared to other patients.

Aim of project

The aim of this project is to create a framework for generating automated, contextualized analysis reports per patient. This involves summarizing analyses for a study-cohort and providing context to a given patient, (e.g. this patient has wall shear stress above average in the ascending aorta and could therefore be at greater risk for aortic dilation). The framework should generate visually appealing reports that help visualize and understand key findings.

Ideally, this results in automatically generated reports that can be examined by our clinical partners and used in the clinical decision-making process.

Student Profile

The project is suitable for a student with an interest in data mining, visualization techniques, graphic design, and statistics. Matlab programming skills would be advantageous.

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